The Yes Men Are Revolting, A Documentary & Platform for Change

The Yes Men Are Revolting is an upcoming documentary by and about media pranksters The Yes Men, and their work during the height of the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring. The film also encourages viewers to take matters into their own hands and join the global movement for change. To help mobilize viewers, The Yes Men are also developing an Action Switchboard, a human-staffed platform that will inform the public about movement-building projects and issues. The Yes Men are raising funds for the film and the Action Switchboard on Kickstarter.

This film goes deep into the Yes Men’s personal lives to ask a pressing question: how can “normal” people affect real change in a world devastated by corporate forces that have bought out democracy? While orchestrating a number of their demented signature actions, the Yes Men become swept up in the revolutionary fervor sweeping the world, from Tahrir to Wall Street, with results that serve as a wake-up call to the audience to join a global movement for real change.

Yes Men Are Revolting

via Animal New York

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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