The Whole Shabang, The Infamous Prison Brand Potato Chips Now Available to the General Public


The Whole Shabang potato chips have been widely touted as unique and incredibly delicious, “like an everything bagel but an everything chip …flavors of bbq, salt, vinegar, and garlic.” Unfortunately, up until only recently, the only way to get these coveted snacks was through a prison commissary.

The brand is owned by the Keefe Group, a one-stop supply shop for the “correctional market” – providing technology, equipment, personal care and commissary services to prisons across the United States. Normally, prison brands remain fairly anonymous, but the sincere cravings for these chips had people posting to social media to find out where the snacks could be found without having to re-offend. Due to high demand (and a desire for low recidivism), The Whole Shebang line of snacks is now available for online purchase.

For the very first time, you can have the highly coveted chips with the one-of-a-kind taste experience delivered right to your door. The distinct “All-Seasoned” flavor will have you hooked on the first bite.

The NBC News report on this chip phenomenon.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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