The Walking Beast, A Giant Robot Spider

MoltenSteelMan created “The Walking Beast”, an amazing giant robot spider that walks around on eight legs. Here’s a video of it in action at Burning Man 2007.

The machine is powered by a 454 cubic inch chevy V-8 married to a modified TH400 trans coupled to two klune extreme under drive planetary gear boxes, uses a rockwell 2 1/2 ton military axle to supply power to the leg crank shafts, The final drive ratio is 125:1. The legs are supported on a 4 link system and uses 56 pivot points and 114 bearings. I am currently working on the hydraulics for the elevator. the elevator is used to get passengers to the top of the machine and doubles as a cornering device, it will have a pivot pad on the bottom that will lift one side of the machine to allow it to walk in a circle.

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