The Three Primary Internal Factors That Affect a Person’s Developing Sense of Self-Esteem

In the latest of their incredibly insightful videos, the School of Life explains, through animation by Jesse Collett, the three primary internal factors that affect a person’s sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

What your same-sex parent did. The single greatest determinant of how much you will esteem yourself is how you compare with your same-sex parent whether you’ve
1:23achieved more or less than mum or dad. …What your peer group is up to. We don’t feel inadequate in relation to everyone who has more than us, only those who have come to see as belonging to another crucial determinant for self-esteem, our peer group. …what kind of love you received in childhood. A lot depends on what kind of affection we were the recipients of in childhood, in particular how many conditions are love came attached with.