The Surprising Frequency of References to Grey Poupon in Rap Music

Vox contributor Estelle Caswell looked at the surprising frequency of references to the mustard brand Grey Poupon in rap music. The post includes an interactive graphic that sorts the references by year with audio clips of each Grey Poupon lyrics. Caswell also created a Spotify playlist of some of the best songs that mention the mustard.

When Kanye West released The Life of Pablo in early 2016, he was praised for pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. But Kanye also did something that rappers have been doing nearly every single year since 1992, when he says, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury / I give ’em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard, ah!”: He referenced the overpriced white wine Dijon mustard Grey Poupon.