The Sherp ATV, A Rugged Vehicle With Massive Inflatable Tires That Goes Just About Anywhere

Sherp ATV Proudly on Sand

The Sherp is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with a simple but rugged design that features massive self-inflating tires that make the vehicle capable of going just about anywhere. A demonstration video shows the Sherp rolling through swamps, snow, ice, sand, and even swimming in water.

We would like to present an ATV, based on develops of Aleksei Garagashian (renowned technologist). It will strike you with its super passing ability. Our engineers determined with confidence that this vehicle could withstand as a leader in ATV world markets.

It is a new generation of ATV manufacturing. ATV perfectly swims, every swamp for it is not an obstacle. The ATV perfectly gets out of the water onto the ice. It easily overcomes barriers with a height of 70 cm, whether it is rocks or fallen trees in the forest.

We have been to places which never set a human foot before. Traveled to the most distant corners of Tundra, Siberian Taiga, mountain of Kola Peninsula and swamps of the Yugra.

Sherp in the Water

Two Sherps in the Snow

Black Sherp on Sand

photos via Sherp

via Top Gear

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