The Scough, A Stylish Germ and Pollution Filtering Scarf

Trap. Neutralize. Kill.

A group of Brooklyn hypochondriacs have combined form and function with a cleverly designed germ-fighting, pollution-filtering scarf aka the “Scough” (a combination of “scarf” and “cough”) for “style-conscious germaphobes” through the use of an activated carbon filter “impregnated with silver for maximum funk killing power”.

Scough creates a mini-microclimate of freshened air that’s not just a barrier to a harsh germ and pollution-filled world, but is shown to adsorb and kill viruses and pollution before you breathe it. Besides helping keep you healthy, it’s a really cool, super-soft scarf.

You can find Scough on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Scough Photo

Scough - Black Flannel Teal Moustache

Scough - Pink and Gray Flannel

Scough - Teal Infinity

Scough -Orange SuriScough Black Flannel Pink Lips

images via Scough

via Brooklyn Magazine

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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