The Rumor of Leon Trotsky’s Ashes Stolen & Baked Into Cookies Was A Delicious Hoax

guest post by Jackson West

Trotsky Chip Cookie

Earlier this month, a note purportedly detailing a break-in to the former residence of Lev Davidovish Trotsky (née Bronstein) in Mexico, the theft of his cremains and the subsequent baking of said ashes into cookies was posted on Infoshop.  In a few days, it had circulated among related news sites, blogs and message boards

It smelled like a hoax (and cinnamon) from a mile away, so I gave the cookies a little time to cool off.  The Village Voice, after a little online research, pointed out that whatever was left of the bearded and bespectacled hero of the Russian Revolution (and villain of the Kronstadt anarchist uprising) was buried, not placed in an urn.  Still, nice to see a new generation of revolutionaries still honoring the factional divides of a century ago.