The Rocking-2-Gether Chair Cleverly Rocks Both People & Animals


Houston architect Paul Kweton has designed the Rocking-2-Gether Chair, a clever rocking chair built for both people and animals.

The rocking-2-gether chair (patent pending) is a hybrid between a rocking chair and dog/cat house. This project initially started in 2011, generating digital 3D models. Several 1:8 scale 3D printed models followed, refining the balance and rocking behaviour of the chair. The prototype 2.1 chair is made out of CNC milled birch plywood. The density and amount of the CNC milled “ribs” can be controlled with differently sized wooden spacers (see photographs), ergo controlling the visual connection between the person and his/her pet. The design process and final full scale prototype of the rocking-2-gether chair showcases the successful combination of digital modeling and digital fabrication.

Rocking-2-Gether Chair

Rocking-2-Gether chair

via The Atlantic Cities

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff