‘The Reinvention of Normal’, A Short Documentary About Imaginative Artist and Designer Dominic Wilcox

The short documentary “The Reinvention of Normal” takes a look at the life and work of Dominic Wilcox, a British designer and artist whose imaginative creations have graced our site a number of times over the years. The film was directed by Liam Saint-Pierre.

The Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future by Dominic Wilcox
Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future. Photo by Sylvain Deleu

Binaudios by Dominic Wilcox and James Rutherford
Binaudios (with James Rutherford). Photo by Emilia Flockhart

Reverse Listening Device
Reverse Listening Device. Photo by Piotr Gaska

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