The Quincy Punk Episode vs The 90210 Rave Episode

Above is the only excerpt I can find online or off (at least while trying not particularly hard) of the notorious Quincy punk episode. This 70’s TV show starring Jack Klugman, the proto House, that raised forensic science to the lofty place in our culture that it now occupies. Yeah, I know, exciting times.

The episode was entitled “Next Stop, Nowhere” and it has inspired amongst other things a song by Spoon, the SoCal slang term “Quincy punk”, and a now-defunct band from Staten Island. Maybe it was even the inspiration for the Beverly Hill 90210 drug-rave episode “U4EA”–posted below for comparison. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Here’s the punk rock episode of CHiPs and The Dickies on C.P.O. Sharkey.

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