The People of Burning Man, Portraits of Revolutionary Spirits

Our friend and amazing photographer Julian Cash set up a Kickstarter project to raise funds to self-publish The People of Burning Man, a fabulous coffee table book featuring his fantastic portraits of people at Burning Man.

Whether or not you’ve ever been to that thing in the desert, this book is designed to be your counter culture spirit guide.

We spent about a decade documenting the people and culture of Burning Man. We got a grant from the Internet Archive to print the photos, and we hand bound them into books. Those 100 copies are long gone. Chances are that you will never acquire one. There were never enough to go around. So, here is your chance. Actually, here is our chance, as a community, because if we don’t publish it now, we probably never will.

Many of the images celebrate joy and life. Others were created to confront social rules that need to be challenged. Many of the photographs grew from this simple conversation: “How do you want the world to be different?” which was followed with “Let’s create an image which will help bring forth that change.”

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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