Handy Pump That Dispenses Peanut Butter From a Jar

PB Pump Celery

Inventor Andrew Scherer has created The Peanut Butter Pump, a very handy pump that dispenses peanut butter straight from the jar. The clever design of this screw-on pump replaces the top of a standard 40-ounce jar of any type of smooth or crunchy nut butter and the suction created cleans the jar as it dispenses. There are two nozzles that easily attach – a wide that creates ribbons for sandwiches and a narrow one that works best with snacks like celery.

Love peanut butter but hate it when your bread rips under your knife? Tired of getting out the knife and scraping the jar? Does peanut butter time always mean a mess, especially with kids? Need exact measurements for consistent baking and recipes? The Peanut Butter Pump is your perfect solution!

Scherer is raising funds through Indegogo in order to bring his Peanut Butter Pump to market.

Peanut Butter Pump Breakdown

PB Pump Jar

PB Pump

PB Pump Dog

via Mike Shouts