The Original 1977 Film ‘Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope’ Now Being Remade Entirely in ‘Minecraft’

Paradise Decay is in the process of remaking the original 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope entirely in the video game world of Minecraft. So far, they have completed one hour and ten minutes of the film with forty minutes to go. They plan to have the entire project finished and available to download for free from their website in 2015.

This is a fan-film project ONLY. It will be FREE to view! This project has been 3 years in the making and some of the individual sets have taken upto 6 months just to build. No mods have been used, just custom textures and art. All video footage is from the game itself and any characters featured are parodies of the original characters. These are depicted by ‘testificates’ and simple custom textures and skins.

To watch the final film with sound you will need the original 1977 version of the film in your DVD/Blu-ray player.

Here is a 30-minute promo of the fan-film:

Justin Page
Justin Page

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