‘The Office’ Scene Featuring Michael’s Reaction to Toby Returning to Work Translated Into Different Languages

Nokirin quite amusingly took the very meme-worthy scene from the “Frame Toby” episode of The Office during which Michael Scott screams “No God, Please No!” at the sight of Toby Flenderson‘s return to the workplace and translated it into six different languages.

Famous “The Office” Scene (S5E9) in 6 different languages: English, German, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese.

Nokirin also apologized for the mix-up of indicative flags within the video.

DISCLAIMER: I am aware and sorry that I have put by mistake the Portuguese flag instead of the Brazilian one in the video. The same goes for the Spanish one which should be Latin Spanish (and UK instead of US, but no one complained about that one.

Here’s the original scene from the show.