The Museum of the Moon, A Beautifully Ethereal Lighted Sculpture of the Earth’s Moon in Miniature

British artist Luke Jerram has created The Museum of the Moon, a stunning ethereal sculpture of the Earth’s Moon measures seven meters in diameter and is lit internally for a soft, comforting glow. The realistic appearance was obtained by high-resolution NASA lunar photos.

At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface*. Over its lifetime, the Museum of the Moon will be presented in a number of different ways both indoors and outdoors, so altering the experience and interpretation of the artwork. As it travels from place to place, it will gather new musical compositions and an ongoing collection of personal responses, stories and mythologies, as well as highlighting the latest moon science.

This gorgeous sculpture is touring across Europe and Asia through April 2019.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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