The Lost Letter Project Reunites 70 Year Old Love Letter with Family of the Intended Recepient

In May 2013, Abbi Jacobson and filmmaker Todd Bieber, whose work we’ve previously posted, created the Lost Letter Project, an endeavor to find the intended recipient of a letter from Lt. Joseph O. Matthews that was delivered to Abbi nearly 70 years after it was sent. With help from the internet, the search proved quite successful and in December 2013, Abbi and Todd personally delivered the wayward letter to Lt. Matthews’ family.

We scoured through city records, searched online databases, and made phone calls. We came up very short and kept hitting dead ends. That’s when Todd suggested we involve ‘radical collaborators’ in the search (which is maybe just a fancy way of saying crowdsourcing). I said yes and here we are with the site and you. I am so excited to find this family together and see what the internet can do.

Seeing the community that was developed by the Lost Letter Project has opened up the project to help other people connect via lost letters.

With the help of the internet, we found the family of the intended recipient. Now we want Lost Letter Project to be a place where others can come together and help reunite other lost letters.

Here is the original video from our previous post about the Lost Letter Project.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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