The Illuminations, A Glowing Art Installation by David Normal

The Illuminations

San Francisco surrealist painter David Normal trying to raise funds for his project “The Illuminations”, a series of self-illuminated prints based on his paintings. David’s goal is to install the project at the Center Camp Cafe at Burning Man and for it to continue on to future locations.

Using LED light strips to “edge-light” acrylic sheets, exquisitely printed images are made to glow from both sides like a kind of stained glass window. Beautifully printed and handsomely framed, the glowing Illuminations are a uniquely mesmerizing mode of display that is ideal for my otherworldly visions.

Unlike ordinary painting exhibits where the work hangs on the walls, the Illuminations hang in the center of the room and can be viewed from both sides.

Displaying my work in this way breaks up the typical gallery routine. The division of space and the dark environment discourage viewers from crowding in the center of the gallery to socialize while neglecting the art. In the Illuminations installation the viewers attention is dominated by the art – it cannot be ignored.