‘The Hedgehog’, A Surprisingly Dark Short Film Featuring a Kid in a Sonic the Hedgehog Outfit

“The Hedgehog” is a short film written and directed by Chris Lee and Paul Storrie that features a young boy in what is clearly a Sonic the Hedgehog outfit as he searches for adventure and finds something a little surprisingly dark. In an interview with Short Sighted Cinema, Lee and Storrie spoke at length about the creation of the film and what they intended to get across.

Being avid gamers, the subject of video game obsession has fascinated the both of us for a long time. Especially the effects on young kids. Whilst investigating the theme, we came across the concept of Peter-Pan Syndrome; the idea of not wanting to grow up. It describes a refusal to consider entry into the world of adult plans and responsibilities; to retreat from time. The traits of someone who is an inhabitant of a Never-Never-Land.