The Greatest Pizza Box On Earth

Pizza lover Scott Wiener, owner of the very popular Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York City, showcases pieces of his awesome pizza box collection in the short video, Scott Presents: The Greatest Pizza Box On Earth. His unique collection contains boxes from around the world. Some are unintentionally funny like the one from a Kazakhstan-based pizzeria named Mc Burger but there’s a really special one that Scott has deemed “The Great Pizza Box on Earth” found at New York gourmet food market Eataly. Take a moment to see Scott gush about the design and engineering of what he considers the planet’s best pizza box.

I found it at Rossopomodoro in Eataly, the Flatiron district’s essential Italian food market. The pizza is pure Neapolitan, so it requires a truly unique box unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Some say it’s from the future. Some say it mirrors thermal principals of the past. Everyone agrees it’s rad.

photo by Jason Lam

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff