The Gorburger Show, Comedy Talk Show About a Blue Monster Who Interviews Musicians & Then Sometimes Eats Them

The Gorburger Show” is a bizarre and comedic web-based talk show by The Warner Sound and Funny or Die. The show’s host is Gorburger, a blue man-eating monster (played by actor and comedian T.J. Miller) who interviews various well-known musicians. He sometimes, however, decides to actually go ahead and consume the musicians. You can view more episodes from Season 1 and 2 online.

Gorburger back invading your internet waves every Monday starting March 11th satisfying his blood lust, interviewing bands and not having sex with them because his genitalia is incompatible. This season’s guests include Flea, Mellowhype, Grouplove, Henry Rollins, Carson Daly, Andrew WK, King Tuff, Bleached, Wayne Coyne, Josh Homme, Jesse Hughes, this one guy named Jack Black.

Gorburger photo by Scott Beale

photo by Scott Beale

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