The GoBoat, A Highly Portable and Compact Inflatable Boat

Fishermen on GoBoats

The GoBoat is a highly portable and compact inflatable boat invented by Dave Yonce that can used in a variety of aquatic situations. The boat can easily be put together and inflated without tools. It can also be quickly deflated and folded for travel or storage.

Yonce is currently raising money for production of the GoBoat through a Kickstarter campaign with deeply discounted units available as rewards for backers.

Whether you’re making waves or casting lures, the GoBoat is the easiest way to get out and enjoy the water. The GoBoat requires no tools for assembly and will travel through the shallowest marshes just as easily as it will handle choppy waters. Our patented design provides a safe, stable platform for all kinds of activities so get out there and get wild with The GoBoat!

GoBoat Product Shot

Children on GoBoat

GoBoat Product Shots

GoBoat and Inventor

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