The Gaits, An Interactive High Line Soundwalk iPhone App

Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson, and Cameron Britt have composed The Gaits, a free interactive iPhone app for walking New York City’s The High Line park “that uses the phone’s accelerometer to turn footsteps into twinkling metallic sounds, electric guitar chords, dulcimer notes, water splashes, car horns, and applause”. The “soundwalk” app was produced by Make Music New York and Friends of the High Line in association with MATA as part of the Make Music Winter celebration. The app’s software was developed by Daniel Iglesia of Iglesia Intermedia.

The Gaits turns footsteps into electric guitar chords, zen gongs, and more…the user becomes a musical instrument as he or she strolls down the High Line in New York City. The user moves through a series of composed spaces, with various families of sounds tied to each area.

via Curiosity Counts