The Funny Pages, A Physical Zine of Well-Known Original Web Comics

The Funny Pages

As part of their “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit” celebration, Cards of Humanity asked well-known web comic artists to create original strips and published the collection in a printed zine called “The Funny Pages.” Luckily for those who didn’t get a copy of the physical zine, all of the comics are available to read at the Funny Pages Zine Tumblr.

Here’s a list of the artists involved:

Abby Howard, Allie Brosh, Anthony Clark, Dylan Meconis, Elaine Short, Erika Moen, Jana Kinsman, Jess Fink, John Allison, John Campbell, Jon Rosenberg, Katie Rice, Kris Straub, Maki Naro, Meghan Murphy, Natasha Allegri, Nick Gurewitch, Richard Stevens, Ryan North, Sam Brown, Shawn Smith, and Zach Weinersmith.

The Funny Pages

images via Funny Pages Zine