The Digits, An Intergalactic, Interactive Math Show For Kids

The Digits is an interactive, live action video show series that aims to teach math to kids. It features The Digits, the “greatest unknown band in the galaxy” who are on a “mission to stop the evil Marvwell Doomfinger III” (the Doomfinger Record boss who is “using music to make the galaxy stupider”). Appisodes for mobile devices are available at Google Play and trailers are available to view on YouTube. The show is geared to kids age 7-10. It is a project of Scotty Iseri (“Scotty Got An Office Job”) and his educational company, FUNDA.

The Digits is a live action narrative comedy that uses interactive gameplay to introduce math concepts to children. It is an immersive storytelling universe that creates an entertaining and educational experience. By combining interactive gameplay seamlessly into the narrative, the outcome of the game directly affects the outcome of the story. The Digits turns viewers into players and players into learners! The Digits offers the best of both worlds as it delivers fun, engagement and excitement to children and an educational opportunity to parents.

The Digits

image via The Digits

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff