The Chatroulette Show, Improv Performances on Chatroulette In Front of a Live Audience

Last Thursday night was the inaugural performance of the Chatroulette Show , a brave new variety show which challenges performers with entertaining random users in front of a live audience at the Make Out Room in San Francisco. For those unfamiliar, ChatRoulette is a site that lets you watch fervently masturbating men video chat with strangers from all over the world. Performers sang, sketched, beatboxed, and (in my case) yo-yoed with the hopes of getting some stranger to stop and chat for a moment. Theater often involves a little risk and lot of rejection, but combining ChatRoulette with improv performances really kept the performers on their toes. As fun as all of the performers were, the real stars of The ChatRoulette Show were often the accidental spectators as they reacted and danced along to the performers antics.

The organizers of the event are working on turning this into a regular event in the Bay Area. You can catch the next show at La Val’s Subterranean Theatre in Berkeley on Saturday June 26th. Tickets are only $10.

More details on last weeks show, along with some semi-nsfw videos of the performers in action, can be found on my “Chat Romance” post on

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