The Cats of YouTube Go Grocery Shopping In a Very Clever Ad for German Supermarket Chain

The German supermarket chain Netto has created a really funny and clever video ad that features the most famous cats of the internet shopping at one of their grocery stores. Such famous felines included are “Cucumber Cats“, “Keyboard Cat” and “Surprised Kitty“, just to name a few.

(translated) Cats and Internet, which just fits together – now available at Netto: our new net-clip we send our Cat Stars together on a shopping spree at Netto Markett. Cat content – so-called “Cat Content” on the Internet continues to be very popular. Videos with cats as “Maru” or “Nyan Cat” are viewed millions of times and shared on social networks. Meanwhile at YouTube are about two million cats videos to choose from – and now there is one that it brings everyone together: our new clip go based on the YouTube stars our cats shopping together, of course, at Netto Market.

The company also shared behind-the-scenes footage showing how they made the video.

(translated) Behind the scenes: Cats and computer effects in the filming of the video from acclaimed director Brian Lee Hughes, who is an acknowledged expert on films with animals. Experience our four-legged megastars in the cat-friendliest Netto Market the world in the making of our “Netto Cat Video”.

via Mashable

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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