The ‘Brands Saying Bae’ Twitter Account Collects Cringeworthy Tweets of Brands Trying to Talk Like Teenagers


Brands Saying Bae is a hilarious Twitter account that collects cringeworthy examples of major brands trying to use hip teenager slang on Twitter. Witness Burger King saying “THIS WHOPPER BRUH,” or IHOP telling us “Pancakes or you’re basic.” The account gets its name from the term “bae,” which if you were born before 2000, is a hot new slang term that means variously “cool,” “boyfriend,” or “girlfriend.” Hence this baffling tweet from Tostitos: “Bae is only bae if bae is down for #TOSTITOS chips and dip #BringTheParty.”

Brands Trying to Tweet Like Teenagers




images via Brands Saying Bae

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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