The Boob Cube, A Simplified Two Piece Rubik’s Cube


The Rubik’s Cube is an elaborate puzzle that can often confound minds both large and small. For those who’d like a bit more ease of use with the same colorful feel, the Boob Cube is just the ticket. This very simplified version of the original puzzle has only has two pieces to move and requires very little brainpower to solve. Yet solution can still be awfully satisfying nonetheless.

It comes with a very hand owner manual to help with the solution as well.

The logic puzzle for the rest of us. Comes with solution manual. See more solutions and contribute your own …e^(i*pi) + 5 possible permutations. Great gift for very smart people (Your boss, your teacher, and Donald Trump) Automatically wins every white elephant gift exchange.

The Boob Cube

Boob Cube Out of Box

Boob Cube Quarter

Boob Cube Sides

Boob Cube

Boob Cube