The BelfieStick, A Device for Taking Butt Selfies


The BelfieStick is a new device for taking belifes (butt selfies). The device, created by the people behind the social network On, works by mounting a smartphone to the end of an adjustable and extendable rod with a Bluetooth camera button on the end. The adjustable arm appears to be better suited for posterior self-photography than a traditional straight-armed selfie stick.

The Urban Dictionary defines a “belfie” as:

a ‘bottom selfie‘ – a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.
“Cheryl Cole joins Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian by sharing a rose-tinted ‘belfie’ ” …from the ‘Daily Heil’, 23 October 2013



images via BelfieStick

via Business Insider