The Argentum Collection: Leatherman Goes Steampunk, Loses Mind

Guest post by Aaron Muszalski

The Argentum Collection

Leatherman, the multi-tool maker beloved by geeks and DIY enthusiasts the world over, has debuted The Argentum Collection, a line of ultra-high-end cognitive-dissonance-inducing “luxury tools”, featuring hand-crafted decoration by acclaimed silversmith¬†Adrian Pallarols.

Designs include the steampunky¬†“Charge Acanto” (shown above) which, like every model in the Argentum line, is simply a stock Leatherman tool with ornamental outer scales (coverplates) added on. And just how much will this extra bling set you back? Why, only a mere $12,000. Too pedestrian? Then perhaps you should consider the $40,000 “Charge Dorado” whose scales are fashioned from solid gold.

Leatherman Charge Dorado

Meanwhile, I’m going to be gouging out my prefrontal cortex with a rusty fishing knife I bought at Walgreens for $1.99.

images via Leatherman

Aaron Muszalski
Aaron Muszalski