Fabulously Creative Prostheses That Offer Unique Pieces of Personal Art in Place of a Missing Limb

In 2013, we wrote about prosthesis designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata who had launched The Alternative Limb Project, a studio that designs unusual prosthetic limbs. Since that time, de Oliveira Barata has started a blog, had her work featured on several television/online shows, participated in The Phantom Limb project and did a TED Talk all while creating fabulously elaborate prostheses for those clients who want something different. The studio also carries incredibly realistic limbs for those who like to keep things simple.

As with fashion, where physical appearance becomes a form of self-expression, Sophie sees the potential of prosthetics as a extension of the wearer’s personality. Merging the latest technology with traditional crafts, Sophie’s creations explore themes of body image, modification, evolution and transhumanism, whilst promoting positive conversations around disability and celebrating body diversity. Sophie enlists various specialists in fields such as 3D modelling, electronics, and cutting edge technology to create each piece of art. Clients have included Paralympic athletes, music performers, models and video game companies.