The 2015 Two5six Festival, An Event by Kill Screen Celebrating the Intersection of Games and Culture

Two5six 2015

The 2015 Two5six Festival (previously) is a three-day event hosted by video game arts and culture publication Kill Screen that celebrates the intersection of games and culture. The event features a conference full of talks featuring pairs with one person having a discipline outside gaming, a one-night film program, and even an arcade. Speakers include filmmaker and artist David OReilly, designers Amy and Ryan Green, and more.

Our marquee event, the conference is a day of dialogues bringing games into conversation with other aspects of culture. Each dialogue pairs a member of the gaming community with someone of equal stature from an outside discipline. The results are often unexpected and always inspiring.

The event is scheduled to run May 15-17, 2015 in Brooklyn, and tickets are currently available online.

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop