An Incredibly Compassionate Thai Man Makes It His Mission to Give Stray Shelter Dogs Their First Hug

Hugging Dog for First Time

A truly compassionate young man who is the loving human to Gluta, a rescue dog witha huge social media following, set out onto the streets of Nakhom Pathom,Thailand to gain the trust of stray dogs at IamGreen Heart Shelter by INSEE in order to give them their very first hug. While he found that not every dog understood the love he was offering, there were others who fell into his open arms and didn’t want to leave.

(translated) I got into discussions with booth spoken language and body language with stray dogs. Getting to know them, some barking, some scared, some friendly. And finally, I embraced them one at a time. What I get is that some of them are confused what this is doing. But they agreed to hug. Some are so fond of it. Some tried to hug me repeatedly. Or some even settled down to sleep as if asking if I can hug them again. … This is the warmth they had not known before in their life.