A Traditional Japanese Textile Art That Requires Specially Filed Fingernails to Properly Line Up Threads


The traditional Japanese textile art of “tsumekaki hon tsuzure ori” is a precise handwoven brocade weave that goes back many centuries and is unique to the Shiga prefecture of Japan. This ancient art form requires workers to specifically file their nails in a particular way so as to use them as a tool. Known as “nail scratching”, the precisely jagged fingernails are shaped like combs in order to properly line up the threads and provide a tight weave.

Each thread is ‘scratched together’ using nail tips that have been filed down into neat triangles by a small file and woven based on design. It requires a great deal of time and advanced technique but results in both beautiful and highly durable fabrics.


via SoraNews24

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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