Tenikle, A Handy Sticky Tentacled Electronics Mount

Tenikle Electronics Mount

The Tenikle is a really handy, three-armed tentacled electronics mount that features sticky suction cups for almost any smooth surface. It also has an uncanny ability to bend to almost every and any will. It’s an incredibly portable phone stand that can be wrapped up in a ball and be used as a counterweight, it can easily wrap around a kettle weight for easy viewing while working out. It also makes for a convenient tripod and keeps the camera secure with a convertible threaded screw-in.

We created Tenikle to be one product that can do it all. You can wrap, bend, stick, stand, hang, mount, and affix your tech anywhere. With endless possibilities, you’re the inventor!

Tenikle was invented after founder Hans Dose had a frustrating day trying to prop up his phone. After he came up with the design, he turned to Kickstarter in order to raise funds to bring his idea to market.

Growing up surfing and snorkeling, Tenikle’s founder has always been inspired by the complex ingenuity of life in the sea. So naturally, the octopus seemed like a good design to base his new idea off. After countless prototypes and painstaking failed attempts at creating the perfect ALL-IN-ONE product, the creator finally had something that worked. … He took to the Kickstarter community to see if his idea was something that others would find useful. Sure enough, Tenikle raised over $112,000, shattering the $30,000 goal. Tenikle then went on to raise another $65,000 through IndieGogo & other pre-order platforms.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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