Kind Hearted Teenagers Teach a Young Autistic Boy in the Park How to Ride a Skateboard for His Birthday

Under the close supervision of his loving mother, 5 year old Carter Bruynell rode his scooter around a skatepark in South Brunswick, New Jersey on his birthday. Not too long afterward, a group of teenagers gathered in the park for a day of skating. All this commotion concerned made both Carter and his mom Kristen Branconi nervous. While Carter is high functioning autistic, he does have a low tolerance for crowds, which made him want to leave.

However, rather than making trouble, the teens wanted to make friends with Carter. One of the teens even had a birthday present on-hand – a mini-skateboard that was perfectly sized for Carter. As they were showing him how to skate, the group broke out in an impromptu chorus of “Happy Birthday”.

Lieutenant Gene Rickel of the South New Brunswick Police Community Service Division sent out a tweet looking for these “Superhero Kids” who took the time to make Carter’s birthday so special.

Here’s a beautiful photo of these wonderful teens.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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