Tauntaun Cuts, A ‘Star Wars’ Art Print Highlighting Choice Cuts of Meat Inside the Furry Creatures From Planet Hoth

Tauntaun Cuts Print

Super7 has created “Tauntaun Cuts,” an awesome Star Wars art print that highlights choice cuts of meat inside of the furry creatures from planet Hoth. They even appropriately labeled the warm and cozy “sleeping bag” cut, which could be a real lifesaver while venturing through the icy planet. A limited edition of 200 prints will become available to purchase today (Thursday June 5th, 2014) at 12 PM PST at the online Super7 store.

Perfect for a galactic butcher shop far, far away. The Tauntaun Cuts print is silkscreened on 16? x 20? heavy archival stock with white, black and grey with metallic silver flake inks.

Tauntaun Cuts Print

images via Super7

via Coudal Partners