Talented Speed Crocheter Crafts a Yarn Flower In a Remarkable 90 Seconds

Jayna Grassel, a talented speed crocheter, demonstrated for the cameras of Wired/Condé-Nast her ability to craft a perfect yarn flower in a remarkable 90-seconds, although the filming did need a couple of takes due to positioning.

I went up, saw the studio, met a bunch of people and they told me to stand behind a table and crochet while they shot aerially. Um, I don’t crochet standing up. That’s crazy. So they got me a chair and I repositioned myself. But to be honest, it still wasn’t great. As any crocheter will attest, when you crochet your elbows rest almost at your hips, hands at about mid-stomach level. Normal. To get a shot, they had me stretch out my hands so they were centered over a table. Elbows on the table. Imagine telling a basketball player they had to shoot free throws sitting down at the foul line. Same thing. Possible, but awkward. It was strange and I’ll admit didn’t set me up to do my best. I was dropping stitches and wasn’t as fast as I’d been practicing. It was still great, though, and the camera man said my skill was the one he was most excited to see.

Late night time trials. #speedcrochet #practice

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It's go time. #jjcrochetinNYC #speedcrochet #lightscameraaction

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