Sydney Symphony Plays ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work as Tribute to Late Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke

During the wonderfully thoughtful memorial ceremony to the late former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, the renowned Sydney Symphony Orchestra performed a fitting cover of the classic Men at Work song “Down Under”. The song was one of Mr. Hawkes favorites, which expressed the pride he had in his country and in the people who lived there. Mr. Hawke passed away peacefully on May 16, 2019.

William Barton and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play Down Under at Bob Hawke’s memorial service. The song was one of Mr. Hawke’s favourite songs and one that is forever linked with him through Australia’s America’s Cup win in 1983.

Here’s that 1983 interview where Mr. Hawke learned that Australia had won America’s Cup after 132 years of the United States dominance.