The Amusingly Grim Animated Music Video for the 1970 Syd Barrett Song ‘Effervescing Elephant’

After departing from Pink Floyd in 1968, the troubled but talented Syd Barrett released “Barrett“, his eponymous 1970 album, which was also to be his last. The album included the wonderfully alliterative, but somewhat grim song entitled “Effervescing Elephant“, for which an amusing animated music video was made in that same year.

Effervescing Elephant from the album “Barrett” by Syd Barrett, released in November 1970.
Direction / Animation : Yoann Hervo
Compositing : Hugo Moreno
Additional Animation : Lucie Arnissolle, Remy Clarke, Hanne Galvez, Nathan Harbonn, Mathilde Loubes
Sound design: Fabien Carouge
Co-production: Eddy

via Vimeo Staff Picks