Switching Between the Male and Female Parts of an ‘In the Heights’ Duet Using Makeup and Colored Lights

Special effects makeup artist Sarah New quite amazingly performed both the male and female parts of a duet from the film In the Heights in character with the strategic use of choreography, makeup and colored lights. New explained how the red and blue lights allowed her to transform from the male character to the female character rather seamlessly.

It’s basically just color theory. I put blue where I want the girl’s makeup to be and I put red where I want the male features to be then I just show up in the light.


Reply to @_sophoph_ for everyone asking how I did this, all creds to @caleb_romo

? BLACKOUT. Thekatiebradshaw – KATIE ??

New explained that she was inspired by a similar video made by Caleb Romo.


Kinda cool right?! ##MyColoredHair ##JuntosImparables ##fyp

? BLACKOUT. Thekatiebradshaw – KATIE ??

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