The Story of Sweetpea, An Amazing 27 Year Old Cat

A sweet little calico cat named Sweetpea, rescued by the Meowy Nugget Society, has lived to the incredible age of 27 despite a rough beginning in life. When her wonderful humans adopted her, Sweetpea was suffering from several ailments. In fact, they weren’t sure that she would make it at all.

When we adopted her she had sever arthritis, seizures, ringworm, and possibly other parasites. We treated her for what we could and got her back to a healthy baseline. …We didn’t expect her to live much longer with those health issues and because she lived all her with a smoker who wasn’t able to feed her the highest quality of food.

Despite these challenges, Sweetpea has thrived throughout the years.

Luckily there have been no seizures for several years now and she has maintained surprisingly good health according to her vets.

It’s important also to note that Sweetpea is a very happy cat. She seems happy, still runs for treats, and loves exploring the outside despite her age. She also stays very active with her feline siblings Fumar, who is 17, and Tutzi, who is 7.