A Highly Realistic Plastic Sushi Model Kit

Syuto Plastic Sushi Model Kit

Japanese plastics company SYUTO has created a wonderful, highly realistic sushi model kit. The kit comes with 366 pieces. Included in these pieces are individual grains of rice. The kits come in different flavors – tuna or salmon – and will take about an hour to assemble. Each grain and the fish are on a single sheet to be popped out when needed.

(translated)Do you like sushi? The tuna, salmon, and shiny body look delicious. …There are two types, “tuna” and “salmon”. One set can hold one piece.

The original rice for the kit looked uncooked, so they went back to the drawing board to make models of cooked rice.

This rice sushi rice is so particular that I have remade the mold once. The first mold was realistic enough, but as a result of making sushi in-house, I wasn’t convinced. “It looks a little hard”, “This is probably rice before it’s cooked”, “It’s true! This is no good! Let’s remake it!”. So, at the president’s discretion, I decided to remake the mold that looks like “cooked rice.”

There are no real rules to making the sushi other than to use adhesive and paint.

There is no rule on how to make a sushi plastic model. If you combine sushi and sushi rice, that’s OK. …you can sprinkle an adhesive cleaning agent on the rice grain parts and hold them tightly with your hands to harden them… The number of rice grains used and how to make the shape all depend on your skill. Also, by painting the sushi material, you can add a more realistic feeling.

Syuto Plastic Sushi Package

Syuto Plastic Sushi Model Pieces

Syuto Plastic Sushi Meal

Syuto Plastic Sushi Duo

Syuto Plastic Sushi

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