Surreptitious Little Squirrels Brazenly Steal Candy Bars From a Toronto Convenience Store

The frustrated proprietor of Luke’s Grocery & Snack Bar in Toronto who goes by the name Quilterrday took to reddit to seek advice about surreptitious little squirrels that like to steal candy from the bottom shelf of the display rack near the door. Quilterrday and family have tried to catch the tiny thieves, without luck, but they did capture video evidence of the crime as it occurred on two different occasions. One suspect has a long black coat, while the other has a short grayish-brown coat. Good advice has been offered by the community (screen door, plexiglass case), which the family is considering and created a social media campaign in order to put a stop all criminal squirrel activity – Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube Channel.

For around a week or two, a squirrel (either the same one or maybe not) has been coming in when we are not looking, taking a chocolate bar, and dashing off. It’s a different bar each time – O’Henry, Mr. Big, etc. It happens about once every 2-3 days. It is definitely a squirrel that is doing the stealing. Though we can’t see it the moment it commits the theft (because the bars are displayed below the counter, on the customer’s side), we can hear a distinct rustling. When we come around the counter to try to catch it, we can see the squirrel running off with the bar in its mouth. It’s slower than normal by that point, obviously because it has a huge and heavy chocolate bar in its mouth, but it’s still hard to catch.

The family has also launched a fundraising campaign to recoup the cost of the stolen products.