Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, An Origami Art Exhibition in New York City

“Surface to Structure: Folded Forms” is an exhibition of origami art coming to 41 Cooper Gallery in New York City, June 19 to July 4, 2014. The exhibition will include works by 80 origami masters and up and coming artists from around the world. The exhibition’s curator, Uyen Nguyen, is raising funds for the project on Indiegogo.

Surface to Structure: Folded Forms is an exhibition of timeless artwork created through folding. This art collection will communicate the range and complexity of contemporary origami styles and earlier techniques that gave rise to modern origami, dating back to the time of Akira Yoshizawa. The gallery will showcase origami from masters and up and coming artists, and bring together for public view an international collection of folded works.

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E.D.W. Lynch
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