SuperHappyDevHouse 5 Photos

SuperHappyDevHouse 5

The geeks rocked out again last night at SuperHappyDevHouse 5. Here’s my photoset complete with the obligatory shot of the pile of shoes. To accommodate the increase of attendees this time, the demos were moved outside to the back patio. Ah, it’s so nice to sit around the fire with your laptop while hearing about the next great thing that your friend has cooked up. The highlight of the evening was when Andy Smith gave a talk on how to make money and meet chicks programming python (warning: contains goatse ASCII art).

Photos from SuperHappyDevHouse 5

Many thanks again to our wonderful host David Weekly for providing a place for us to get our geek on.

UPDATE: Bill Lazar has a great write-up on some of the demos that took place.

photo of Andy Smith by Scott Beale