Super Power Beat Down, A Live-Action Web Series That Has Two Fictional Super Powered Legends Engaging in Battle

Captain America vs. Master Chief

Bat in the Sun and Machinima have teamed up to create Super Power Beat Down, a live-action web series that takes two fictional super powered legends and has them engage in an all-out battle. The winner of each match is determined by the number of votes the legends receive on the Super Power Beat Down website. For episode 11, their most recent video, they match-up Marvel‘s patriotic superhero Captain America and Master Chief from the Halo video game series. Bat in the Sun has previously featured iconic face-offs between Batman and Deadpool, the White Ranger and Scorpion, Wolverine and Predator, plus many more.

Batman vs Deadpool

White Ranger vs. Scorpion

Predator vs. Wolverine

via The Awesomer

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