Sunday Sketching, A Fun Collection of Illustrations, Essays and Journals by Christoph Niemann


Renowned artist, New York Times columnist and author Christoph Niemann has published a new book entitled Sunday Sketching, a fun collection of essays, journals and sketches, including his wonderful illustrations that are completed with common objects.

From award-winning artist and author Christoph Niemann comes a collection of witty illustrations and whimsical views on working creatively. Taking its cue from his New York Times column Abstract Sunday, this book covers Niemann’s entire career and showcases brilliant observations of contemporary life through sketches, travel journals, and popular newspaper features. The narrative guides readers through Christoph’s creative process, how he built his career, and how he overcomes the internal and external obstacles that creative people face—all presented with disarming wit and intellect. Enhanced with nearly 350 original images, this book is a tremendous inspirational and aspirational resource.