Sudden Coffee, A Monthly Subscription Featuring High Quality Sustainably Grown Instant Coffee

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Sudden Coffee is a very handy, subscription-based service that features high-quality instant coffee that’s made from sustainably grown coffee beans that are roasted, uniquely brewed with a proprietary process, and then batch dried into a powder that can be reconstituted with water. Coffees of different varietals and origins arrive each month through an online subscription.

The company is continually working to bring improvements to their customers. In early September 2017, the company announced Sudden 3.0, a new brewing method to bring out the notes of the coffees, all packaged in biodegradable, compostable tubes for easy portability.

We’ve improved how we brew the coffee, resulting in brighter, cleaner, more complex flavor. Fruit notes pop, aromatics sing, and the coffee’s natural sweetness dazzles. …Your coffee will be more intense and expressive, perfectly setting off the improved flavor of our new process. This will come at no additional cost to you, as we believe this is the best way to make Sudden taste great. …Our tubes are made of PLA compostable plastic, so when you’re done – toss them in a green bin.

Sudden conducted a random taste test in San Francisco, pitting their product against Starbucks.

Sudden Taste Challenge – we went to Dolores Park and gave random people two cups of coffee. One had our coffee, the other freshly brewed Starbucks Coffee.

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